About Me

headshot 1Before we can do the work of helping you get un-stuck, you need to know that you can trust me. That trust will only truly come through spending time with me, but it might also help you to know some things other people have said about me:

  • “You are a very calm personality. A safe harbor. You radiate those qualities.”
  • “You’re patient, non-judgmental, and extremely perceptive.”
  • “You take what’s overwhelming and make it not so, without minimizing it. You make it approachable. You take away the hysteria.”

I experience therapy as a joint meditation on your internal life. When we are in the room together, we:

  • Bear witness to your pain. This is not as an indulgence but a necessary recognition of your past and present, which require the respect of full acknowledgement in order to heal.
  • Track your symptoms back to their origins. We do this not to wallow in pain or to lay blame but to understand more fully the patterns in which you are stuck.
  • Write the larger, mythic story of your life. This is not a “navel-gazing” exercise but rather a way to map out your next chapter and begin building its essential components.

These processes work together to mend old wounds, break unhelpful patterns, grow self-assurance, increase self-awareness, and, eventually, build self-determination – more power over your own life – so you can get un-stuck from the place you are now and begin to build your new life.

I am profoundly enriched by the work I do and deeply love the process of helping people grow. I look forward to working with you in your therapy.


My approach to psychotherapy is grounded in depth psychological theories – particularly Jungian, archetypal, and imaginal – meaning I see feelings, behaviors, and experiences as symptoms longing to be heard: I believe it is only by giving these symptoms a voice in the therapy room that we can move through them and begin living the life of the true Self. Banishing symptoms, “fixing” them, or “managing” them is, I believe, only a temporary solution.

As well, I strongly believe in the importance of our experiences as children and young adults, in our childhood family systems, and in our neuropsychology in influencing our everyday feelings, behaviors, and experiences.

Most of all, I believe that in order to grow well in the sacred ground of our own lives, we must first develop a deep understanding of our many and varied roots.

You might also like to know that I have:

Please take a look around my website and then, if you think you’d like to come see me, please contact me to set up an initial appointment. I look forward to hearing from you.

“The privilege of a lifetime is
to become who you truly are.”
– Carl G. Jung