Redwoods June 2011Each of us is born holding the seed of our true self: the wholly unique and perfect human we were meant to become.

But then life happens. Along the way, our true selves get twisted around knots and rocks, scarred by fires and storms, dried up by drought, abandoned by careless gardeners.

Somewhere along the way, we learn to live around other people’s mistakes, impressions, expectations, and demands; to grow crooked around the places it hurts; to toughen ourselves against the tender scars; to ignore the feelings in our bodies; to swallow our voices so others will be happy; to bury our deepest pains and dearest hopes for fear someone will see them.

In an effort to be what others wish for us, we forget the true self inside. We forget we were meant to grow tall and strong and true to that self.

We don’t know how to reclaim our birthright — how to even begin remembering and regrowing the true self.

Sacred Ground Psychotherapy is a place to begin.

I hope you’ll look around this site and give me a call at (253) 973-2218 if you’d like to discuss beginning therapy with me — to begin reclaiming your true self.

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